Hello, I am

Maximilian Gampl.

As a freelance SEO and content marketing expert, I help businesses grow for the long term and establish their brand.

What I can do for you

You want to boost your organic growth?

Search-Engine-Optimization (SEO)

Together we will bring your site to the top. Rank for relevant keywords, build and promote your brand and benefit from free traffic and more reach. We set targets together, make an understanding of the market and tackle possible positions and rankings.

Keyword Research & Content Plan

We start with an extensive keyword and competitors research to understand for which terms you should rank for. The content plan that is based on these keywords and on the competition shows you all the goals for the next months and at the same time it is an essential part of your future content marketing strategy.

KPI Tracking & Reporting

Good strategies and quality content are only valuable if they also achieve the set goals. That's why I track all relevant KPIs for my clients, such as traffic, conversion, backlink profile, etc.
No matter if content building right from the scratch or ongoing tracking for big content platforms - with the right data you cna measure your success and constantly optimize your business.

Technical SEO & Content

I support my clients not only in their strategic alignment, but also with content implementation (in CMS), partially with content creation as well as checking and optimizing existing content.
Even though the search intention and the user behind it are increasingly becoming the focus of the Google algorithm, there are still many technical adjusting screws that you should turn. I tell you where to find and what to do with them.

Working Steps

How does a cooperation start?

Initial Conversation

First, we take a look at the particular project. What goals are to be achieved? Shall it be a short-term or long-term cooperation?

Action Plan

Then we create an action plan together. This plan includes audits, an initial keyword research, a SEO content strategy as well as a first roadmap.

Let's go

Once the basic framework is in place, the next step is to start executing the actual strategy combined with regular reportings.


I’m an online marketing expert and SEO enthusiast helping online sellers, start-ups and big businesses with their web presence, with content marketing and with organic growth. Always fully remote and on a freelance basis.

That’s why I usually take care of all tasks in the text area for my clients, from the development of SEO and Content Marketing strategies to the creation of the required content. My main focus is implementing SEO measures, setting up all required processes, tracking relevant KPIs and ensuring quality content on all channels. Since I come from a copywriting background, I also like to write some texts myself, or improve, optimize and coordinate the content production.

Currently, I work primarily for Moss, one of the most up-and-coming fintech companies in the market.

— Maximilian Gampl


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